Navigating Summer Expectations with ADHD: Finding Balance in a Season of Change


Often trivialized and passed off as an endearing quirk on social media at the expense of those who grapple with it daily, ADHD is far from the comedic punchline media would have you believe. The stereotypical representation of people with ADHD as being disruptive, extroverted, and the ‘life of the party’ is a blatant oversimplification that not only diminishes their struggles but also creates a barrier to recognizing and addressing the symptoms, discouraging neurodiverse individuals from seeking the support they need. ADHD is not the clumsiness of being the butterfingers of the family or an excuse for being irresponsible and late on tasks because ‘you completely forgot the deadline.’ ADHD, especially in adults is rather a pervasive constellation of symptoms that profoundly impacts one’s daily functioning; it’s not merely executive dysfunction.

The one thing that helps alleviate some of this pervasiveness is routine. Routine is crucial for those with ADHD; the inattention and hyperactivity characteristic of the disorder benefit immensely from structure and direction. Disruptions to this routine, such as during summer vacations, can pose significant challenges. Alice from, Alice in Wonderland comes to mind; imagine her falling down the proverbial rabbit hole, in a land of infinite possibility and with endless ‘potential’ things to do with no concrete plans on what to focus on, the fairy tale often takes a rather grim twist and turns overwhelming.

In the upcoming trying times, and to potentially make the most of your time, planning ahead could be an incredible anticipatory step you can take! Having a rough plan in mind with scheduled breaks can help maintain a semblance of routine while avoiding the overwhelming unpredictability of Summer vacation. One can manage better by planning ahead and providing the nervous system with something tangible to focus on without overloading it. It’s crucial to remember that seeking help in creating these plans is not only okay but advisable. Returning home can also be a significant change, so reminding yourself that this is a familiar, safe space can provide comfort.

Here are some curated tips that we hope you find helpful!:

  • Develop a consistent routine with regular sleep and wake times, stressing on scheduled time blocks for various personal and professional goals while keeping ample time to rewind and recharge.
  • Implementing and investing in time management techniques to break the desired task into smaller, more manageable chunks and make the transition between various tasks and breaks as seamless as possible.
  • Creating a safe and supportive working environment by keeping your workstation organized and designating specific parts of your room/house to activities like work, relaxation, and creative endeavors can help compartmentalize one’s day more effectively.
  • Engaging in regular physical activity can help by providing something both physically and cognitively engaging, and is an efficient addition to one’s daily routine
  • Practicing and incorporating mindfulness with tools like deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and engaging in practices that help to ground you and help you focus on the present can be paramount in combating the hyperactive ADHD mind.
  • The benefits of building a strong support network and seeking professional help, if and when required cannot be overstated and should be sought regardless of the subjective ‘level’ of distress.
  • Signing up for a course/class that fosters your creativity could be a wonderful utilization of the seemingly endless abyss of time. Giving yourself something to focus on that keeps you not only mentally but also creatively engaged can be incredibly fulfilling.

Lastly, remember, these tips are here to guide you, not dictate your actions. Be kind to yourself this summer and throughout every season. Trust in your preferences, and instincts, and importantly, respect your boundaries.

As we have emphasized before and continue to stand by:

Remember, it is your summer, and there is no one ‘right’ way to make the most of it

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