COVID-19 Mental Health Impacts

As we strive to continue to provide the best care during this time of crisis, we appreciate your understanding and patience. Obviously, viral transmission can occur anywhere, and we remind everyone to continue to wash hands carefully, practice social distancing, and avoid gatherings until the epidemic is controlled.

Maintaining a routine involving a balance of time outside, relaxation, and connecting with friends and family (through technology when necessary) will also help. While paying attention to credible sources of news on the virus is important, take breaks from time to time, including from social media, to avoid being overwhelmed.

In speaking with children about the coronavirus, the most important thing for them to understand is that their concerns are being heard, and that the adults in their lives are doing everything they can to keep them safe and healthy. Spend time, if possible, in normal activities with them and listen to what’s on their minds.

While a number of Americans will experience some stress or anxiety as a result of COVID-19, contact our office or another health care professional if your distress remains high after several weeks, you are having persistent trouble functioning, or are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else.

“This is a very challenging and stressful time for Americans, and it can cause feelings of anxiety for many,” said APA President Bruce Schwartz, M.D. “In the face of this epidemic, paying attention to our mental health and those of our friends and families will help us persevere. Sometimes doing our best to recognize that some of our fears maybe be exaggerated is the best remedy.”

If you are experiencing a crisis, the resources below are available to help now:

Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Textline: Text TALK to 741741

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