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What is World Patient Safety Day?

Recognizing the need for patient safety is a global health priority and emergency. The World patient safety day is marked annually on 17th of September, and is endorsed by the World Health Organization to increase public awareness and engagement, to promote the safety of our patients worldwide. Here at my office, me and my staff takes great pride in always putting our patients first. The COVID-19 has unveiled challenges and risks to all, including healthcare workers.Today’s healthcare workers are at risk for not only infections, stigma, but also psychological and emotional stress that often never gets addressed due to stigma related to seeking mental health treatment. Working in stressful environments is good for nobody, especially for healthcare workers who become more prone to errors when working in stress and can lead to patient harm. 

So today September 17th, 2020; lets honor all the Healthcare workers of the World that take care of the sick and work selflessly.


Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety. 


Safe health workers, Safe Patients. 

I urge you all to speak up for the mental health safety of Healthcare workers around the world such as Physicians, Nurses, EMT, Lab workers, Researchers and Emergency Responders. 

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