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Building resilience.

Life often does not teach us how to go through  challenging emotions when we face hardships. It is easy to be swept away by a cyclone of anger or fear. The ability to stay calm under duress is a super power, few of us have. At  times to pull oneself out of anxiety or reactivity , we need to  practice tapping into our inner calm. That is a healthy way to find refuge when life feels uncertain, out of control. Rather than letting our strong emotions  shake us,  we can come home to ourselves in any moment, at any place,  to find peace of mind. 

We could travel to different places in different countries, forging new relationships, ending others, moving jobs, only  looking for peace of mind, not knowing it's always there with us, in us. We have to first have the awareness that we need to find some calm when anxiety takes hold. Only with that awareness, we can pause, stop, take a deep breath , another deep breath and with each repetition of this simple act-we can expect to slowly find clarity in our thoughts and mind.. And as we practice mindfulness over and over, our ability to come to ourselves, gets stronger. It helps soften anger or fear, and  we can relax the body and mind by diving into an ocean of our own resilience.

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