What is bipolar disorder? Continued.

As we continue talking about bipolar one disorder, in today's post I will talk about what is a manic episode.

A manic episode is a period of at least one week when a  person is extremely high spirited or irritable most of the day for most days, possesses more energy than usual, and experiences at least three of the following changes in behavior

-decreased need for sleep example feeling energetic despite significantly less sleep than usual.

-increased or faster  speech

-Uncontrollable racing thoughts or quickly changing ideas or topics when speaking


-Increased activity example- restlessness working on several projects at once.

-Increased risky behaviors example -reckless driving and spending sprees

These behaviors must represent a change from the persons usual behavior and be clear to friends and family. Symptoms must be severe enough to cause dysfunction in work, family, or social activities and responsibilities. Symptoms of a manic episode commonly require a person to receive hospital care to say stay safe. Some people experiencing manic symptoms also experience disorganized thinking, false beliefs, and or hallucinations, known as psychotic features.

In my next post I will talk about a hypomanic episode symptoms. Remember bipolar disorder is very treatable and that when people get the right treatment, including medications, they can expect to live a full life.

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms that are concerning, please reach out to my office to make an appointment for evaluation and treatment.

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