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  • Mentoring and COVID-19 Pandemic
    This week, I am going to talk about mentorship and how being a mentor to others during the COVID-19 pandemic, can give you a sense of purpose in life no Read more
  • What is World Patient Safety Day?
    Recognizing the need for patient safety is a global health priority and emergency. The World patient safety day is marked annually on 17th of September, and is endorsed by the Read more
  • Coronavirus and Student Mental Health Post 2
    In these unprecedented, uncertain times when many of us are isolated, stuck at home and separated from friends and family, fear and stress are natural reactions. With so much of Read more
    The loneliness is setting in. All your friends have left. Maybe you decided to stay close to campus to finish out the college year. School is over in person, yet Read more
  • Coronavirus and Student Mental Health Post 1
    Things you can do to manage stress with classes being cancelled due to Coronavirus Read more
  • COVID-19 Mental Health Impacts
    As we strive to continue to provide the best care during this time of crisis, we appreciate your understanding and patience. Obviously, viral transmission can occur anywhere, and we remind Read more
  • Mental Well-Being Amidst the Coronavirus
    From a mental well-being viewpoint, disease epidemics like the current coronavirus can act as a huge psychological stressor, and can cause extensive fear and uncertainty. The uncertainty is related to Read more
  • A Message From Healing Minds PLC on COVID-19
    To Our Patients: As a dedicated mental health care provider, we are always committed to you and your family’s health. We also understand that you have concerns about the novel (new) Read more

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